20 Years of excellence

The Buick Club of South Africa was officially established on Sunday 6th August 2000 during the annual Pretoria Old Motor Club’s “Cars in the Park”. Alex Duffey had invited 120 Buick owners throughout South Africa to the event, to discuss the founding of such a club in South Africa. Ten owners of old Buicks brought cars. Everyone present was enthusiastic and it was decided to call for the founding of the club. A Steering Committee was elected.

At the first AGM held a year later on Sunday 5th August 2001 at POMC’s “Cars in the Park”, the first Executive Committee was elected, the constitution was accepted and those present voted for an entry fee of R50 and an annual subscription fee of R25 to join the newly established Buick Club of South Africa.

In December 2004 the Club’s first Newsletter “The Buick Nut” was published. In this year the club obtained regional representation with the Buick Club of America and the Riviera Owners Association of America.

In 2005 the Buick Club of South Africa produced its already well-known regalia i.e. shirts, caps, license holders and badges. Local chapters were established in the Western Cape, the Limpopo Kwazulu-Natal. The Website, www.Buickclubsa.co.za, was created and a highlight of the year was a well-attended braai and photo session at Swartkops Air Force Museum.

One of the great highlights of the Buick Club of South Africa in 2008 was the GM Centennial Celebration at the Piston Ring Club on 18th May. More than 400 GM vehicles were on show, and on 25th and 26th October the Western Cape Region held a special event to celebrate 100 years of General Motors.

A milestone event in 2010 was the creating of a Cadillac Chapter in the Club, which was co-ordinated by the well-known Cadillac collector, Rudolph Nicholson. In September a prestigious 10-year celebratory event was held at the VVC Grounds in Johannesburg.

In July 2011 Vice-Chairman, Chris Palk, visited the USA and attended the Buick Riviera Owners Association and Buick Club of America Nationals. Chris attended the USA Nationals again in 2016, this time including the Oldsmobile Club of America event. He has built an excellent relationship between these Clubs and the South African Buick Club with its chapters.

Further milestones were in 2013 adding the Oldsmobile Chapter headed by Adina Katz and in 2016 the addition of a Pontiac Chapter headed up by Tyrone Tozer .

The success of the 8th Buick Club Concours at the Johannesburg Country Club on 5th May 2019 is unsurpassed and will be hard to beat in future. 65 superb vehicles of great variety were exhibited and flabbergasted the visitors and special guests. These included 13 Buicks, 16 Cadillacs, 6 Oldsmobiles, 8 Pontiacs, 13 Chevrolets, 3 Holdens, 3 Opels and 3 Vauxhalls. This event bodes well for the coming 20th year of the existence of the Buick Club of South Africa with its Cadillac, Oldsmobile and Pontiac chapters in 2020.