Welcome to the Buick Club of SA.

and its Cadillac Oldsmobile & Pontiac chapters

Club Overview

The Buick Club of South Africa is a non- profit recreational club registered and approved in terms of section 30 A of the South African Income Tax Act. The club provides its members with opportunities to participate in events and socialise with like-minded enthusiasts. This includes a host of other member benefits and services related to the ownership or aspiration to ownership of classic Buicks, Cadillacs, Oldsmobile’s and Pontiacs built by General Motors and its divisions. Although the club is based in South Africa membership is open to all like-minded enthusiasts of these cars.


Our club was inaugurated in the city of Pretoria, Capital of the Republic of South Africa in 2000. It is the largest active organisation on the continent of Africa dedicated to the preservation of all models of Buick; veteran, vintage or classic. In subsequent years, chapters were inaugurated to include Cadillac, Oldsmobile and Pontiac cars produced by the various Divisions of General Motors, both in South Africa and elsewhere.

Our objectives

The development, publication and exchange of technical, historical and other information for members and persons interested in collectable Buicks and the other GM brands represented by our Club Chapters.